Feverup: Discover The Best Events In Your City

Posted on Monday, May 20th, 2019 by

Feverup helps you find unusually exciting events in cities around the world.

Find Things To Do!

There are already too many sites that promise to help you discover the best events in your own city. Feverup is another example of such a site. In terms of design, the site doesn’t offer much new. In fact, the UX is somewhat dull and clunky. The fonts aren’t necessarily appealing. The content of the site, however, does differentiate Feverup. There are genuinely interesting, otherwise difficult to come across events listed on Feverup. Whether you live in a city that the site features, or you’re traveling to one and trying to plan what you’re going to do, Feverup is immensely useful.

Buy Tickets To Events

In Los Angeles alone, for instance, Feverup links visitors to Mario Kart-style mushroom car go-kart rallies in Anaheim to a Mad Hatter -themed “immersive” tea party in Hollywood. In addition to LA, Feverup also features New York, London, Paris, Lisbon, and several Spanish cities. In each of them, there are interesting events, and you can buy tickets to them directly through the site/app. Feverup will face all the inevitable challenges that come with attempting to establish a company in a crowded, competitive space. Regardless, they’re already on the right track, as they have attracted millions of people to their platform. Hopefully Feverup will continue to catch on!

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