Curious: Learn Something New Everyday

Posted on Monday, May 20th, 2019 by

Curious is an online educational platform for lifelong learners.

Never Stop Learning

Some people are naturally curious. They want to learn new things, all the time. Curious is an online educational platform for those types of people. It caters to individuals who aren’t necessarily trying to master one particular subject, but want to consistently increase their knowledge base across all areas of their life. When you set up a profile on Curious, the site asks you to rank and report your favorite activities, hobbies, habits, etc. It also gives you a chance to prioritize what you want to focus on most. Then, it creates a specific plan just for you, that helps optimize all areas of your educational life.

Always Be Curious

There are two tiered pricing options, as well as a free version of Curious. Even with the free version, users can access a wealth of resources. Curious primarily features instructional videos, similar to the kind that could be found elsewhere, like on YouTube. However, Curious builds in interesting features like “Workouts” and “Challenges,” as well as a social feature that encourages friendly competition. The range of topics presented to each user can feel overwhelming at times, but the sheer amount of things to learn about is also what makes Curious so great. You can learn about whatever interests you, at any given moment. Your work  should pay off, when you put it all together.

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