Domestic Ease – Ideas For Cherishing Your Home And Family

Posted on Monday, April 19th, 2010 by

domesticeare Domestic Ease – Home is where the heart is, right? For the women among you who have mastered Martha Steward’s ideas of home embellishment and style, Domestic Ease is here for your upgrade. This website offers five different categories of lovely inspirations for the home and family; ‘nest,’ ‘kitchen,’ ‘family,’ ‘in the moment,’ ‘in the heart’ and my favorite, the top 12 ideas. These are neatly organized in large thumbnail photos which you click on to get to the respective post. It’s a site “dedicated to anyone out there who just wants to enjoy the home they have been gifted, the family they love and the career they cherish–blemishes and all.”

In addition to their inspiring projects and insights, Domestic Ease offers weekly giveaways you should look into. Their diverse team of experts produces engaging posts on the various topics listed above, and I was particularly happy to learn that one of them (Martin) is a chef, writing about great food and cooking.
Click on the photos below to read the corresponding posts.

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