Year of Giving – $10 A Day Goes A Long Way

Posted on Monday, April 19th, 2010 by

yearofgiving Year of Giving – The concept behind Year of Giving is simple; blog creator Reed gives $10 to a different person every day for a year, he interacts with the people and tells us their story. The goal of this blog is “not to change the lives of those with whom I come in contact.  Let’s face it, $10 dollars is not going to change someone’s life in and of itself.  I do believe, however, that the act of giving will hopefully inspire others to pursue the ideals that the French philosopher Auguste Comte envisioned when he coined the term “altruism.”  Whether that comes in the form of someone who reads this blog and wants to embark on their own Year of Giving or someone who uses the $10 to help someone else out, the specific results are less important than the overall good that we can achieve together.”

If the About Us paragraph above paints you a picture of struggling people who need the money to get by, you should know Year of Giving isn’t that kind of blog. The majority of the stories here are of people who need something, yeah, but not $10 necessarily. I especially enjoyed reading Day 111 – Katy S.. Katy actually needs a bit more than $10; she needs $10,000 for financing a film project she is working on.

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