Tiger Woods PGA TOUR – Double Bogey, Tiger

Posted on Monday, April 19th, 2010 by

tigerwoods Tiger Woods PGA Tour – When the Tiger Woods scandal exploded, many of his endorsing advertisers were less than pleased of the whole ordeal, to say the least. Most of them released statements about their disapproval with Tiger’s ‘actions.’ A post on bnet.com published back in December was insidiously titled Tiger Woods’ Endorsement Deals Are Toast. But apparently not all advertisers have ditched Tiger. About a week ago, Nike released a controversial ad featuring the voice of his late father, Earl. So, does this mean Tiger’s been forgiven by the media and society? I guess it will still take time, but it seems that Woods is back, at least for now.

Whether you can find it in your heart to give Tiger Woods some slack or not, this PGA Tour game is a wonderful bundle of joy. The game is very well designed, intuitive and easy to play. Create your own personal player, interact with other users and join one of the various tournaments. I personally am not a big fan of golf, but I still enjoyed it very much. Therefore, I guess that you give it a shot as well, even if golf isn’t your cup of tea. If it is, then the PGA Tour game is an absolute must.

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