ClassPass: Choose How You Move

Posted on Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 by

classpass5Access the largest network of fitness studios with ClassPass.

MoviePass For Exercise

classpass1ClassPass offers access to thousands of group fitness classes for the simple price of $99 per month. It’s as simple as that. Think of it like a subscription service for your body — a more expensive, but ultimately more rewarding alternative to Netflix. A closer comparison would be to MoviePass, the service which allows you to see as many movies you’d like in American theaters for a set monthly price. ClassPass has partnered with tons of gyms and work out studios, allowing you to access classes without signing up for an individual membership at each of those locations. A subscription allows you to take as many classes as you’d like per month, and up to 3 classes at the same studio.


Work Out, Worldwide

classpass4Once you have a subscription, making a reservation for a particular class using ClassPass is fairly straightforward. You can book online, using the site’s interactive map in order to locate the best studios nearest to you. You can also use the ClassPass app, booking studios on the go (this is especially useful for frequent travelers that want to stay in shape while on the road). There are classes available in major cities throughout the United States, as well as internationally in places like London, Toronto and Vancouver. It’s likely that the service will only continue to expand. It’s tough to choose to a single gym that fits all your needs. While that type of commitment has its benefits, ClassPass gives you more variety and freedom to choose how you want to exercise in any given month.


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