Pixton: The World’s Best Way To Make Comics

Posted on Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 by

pixton5Pixton gives anyone the power to create comics on the web.

Create Your Own Comic

pixton1Creating comics used to be a hobby that was only accessible to those with artistic skills. If you didn’t know how to draw, you probably wouldn’t even attempt to make one. Pixton removes that barrier of entry, offering a platform for anyone to create and collaborate on comic projects. The platform is extremely simple to use. You can choose between panel layouts — creating a large, complex graphic novel or a short grid of a comic strip. You can also create a single page poster, upload pictures to create a photo essay, or create a storyboard with text beneath each image.


Click, Drag and Create!

pixton3After you select your panel layout, filling out the comics is as simple as choosing from the images that Pixton has already created. There are tons of different settings, speech bubbles and types of characters available to choose from. This doesn’t give you the amount of freedom you’d have if you were creating a comic on your own, but there’s enough variety that anyone should be able to achieve a unique form of creative expression. You can also easily click and drag elements around each panel, as well as type your own text. In terms of story ideas, anything goes. The site is useful for personal use, for teacher or student use in classrooms, or for business use. The possibilities are nearly limitless. If you’re a fan of comics, it’s easy to use Pixton to get started with your own creations.


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