Cat Street View: Hiroshima

Posted on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 by

catstreetview5Walk the streets of Hiroshima from a cat’s point of view with Cat Street View.

Walk The Streets Like A Cat

catstreetview1Google Street View is a valuable tool. It lets us see cities on our computer from the same perspective we’d see them if we were walking down the street. There are numerous uses for this technology, and it’s transformed the way maps are used and thought about online. There has, however, always been something missing. This is the Internet, after all. There should always be more cats. Cat Street View brings the best of both worlds, combining Google Street View with the greatness of our feline friends. It’s a funny concept, but it actually turns out to be an enjoyable and worthwhile online experience.


Explore Hiroshima

catstreetview4Cat Street View lets you explore the streets of Hiroshima. The site takes place on a guided path, but the perspective is shot from the level a cat would be seeing things. You walk out of a market and on to the streets, taking in the sites around you as you go. There are various points of interest you can click along the way to discover more (the site is entirely in Japanese, though). Although the cat idea is somewhat of a gimmick, it is fun to view a city from a different perspective. It’s also an excuse to explore this particular area of Hiroshima, so it gives you a better idea of how the city operates.catstreetview3


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