Movieo: Organize And Discover Movies

Posted on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 by

movieo1Movieo helps you browse, discover and organize over 180,000 movies.

Organize Your Digital Collection

movieo2There have never been more opportunities to watch movies online. From HBO to Netflix and even Vimeo and YouTube, you can usually find any movie that you want to watch online. The problem is figuring out what to watch. In the old days, a video rental store would suggest options for you. Now, imperfect Netflix algorithms struggle to present things that might interest you. Movieo helps solve that problem, giving cinephiles an easier way to organize, browse and discover their films. Whether you want to keep track of your favorite movies or discover something to watch next, you can do it on Movieo.


Recommendations That Work

movieo4Movieo has a few different options for searching and browsing movies. You can set the site to only display movies released between certain years using a slider on the left-hand panel. You can also set the minimum scores on Imdb, Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic. You can view whether the film is available to stream on Netflix or Amazon, or whether it’s available for purchase on iTunes. There are several other filters that help you pinpoint exactly what might interest you. There are tons of titles on Movieo, as well as much more sensible connections between films, actors, directors and ratings than any service like Netflix has ever released. If you’re a film fan, it’s worth using the site for its organizational and recommendation services alone.


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