Bitsbox: Monthly Code Projects For Kids

Posted on Monday, June 22nd, 2015 by

bitsbox1Bitsbox makes learning to code fun for kids with monthly programming projects.

Monthly Projects In The Mail

bitsbox3Coding skills are only growing more important for a successful life and career in the 21st century. Luckily, children are growing up in a time when learning how to program has never been easier. Bitsbox is one of the best ways to teach kids how to code — offering fun projects through its online platform or monthly subscription box. The company started as a subscription box service, delivering a monthly package of coding projects for as low as $20/month. That’s still the core of Bitbox’s business model, but the company also offers some online instruction for those who don’t order a box for their children every month.


Kids Can Easily Create Real, Working Apps

bitsbox2The way Bitsbox differentiates itself from the more instruction-based coding sites is by getting kids building real apps right away. Most of the code Bitsbox uses is relatively simple — which makes it both fun and suitable for young learners. The materials that arrive in the monthly Bitsbox also let kids learn hands-on, with colorful guides to coding, cards and other items that make learning about coding more interactive than just sitting in front of a computer. When it does come time to sit at the computer, however, Bitsbox’s site includes an awesome virtual tablet that shows how the programs your writing will run. When your child finishes building the app, he or she simply scans the QR code on the screen or sends a link in order to actually run the app on a tablet. It’s a quick, simple way for children to code something that actually works while learning a lot about programming in the process.


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