EyeIn: See What’s Happening Around The World

Posted on Monday, June 22nd, 2015 by

eyein5EyeIn lets you tune into everything that is happening around the world, as captured by the crowd.

See The World Through Someone Else’s Eyes

eyein1EyeIn is a new platform developed by Mobli, the social network that lets users share photos and videos. EyeIn takes a slightly different approach, delivering smarter search results for relevant content. The core of EyeIn’s service lets users search images and videos based on events or locations. It then displays content pulled from various social networks, updating the site as soon as content is posted on other platforms. A search for “World Cup,” for instance, instantly returns photos and videos from services like Instagram that relate to that topic. Simply searching for related hashtags on Instagram could give you a similar result, but EyeIn filters out all of the unrelated searches and only shows you stuff that’s worth your time.


Search Any Event Or Location

eyein3EyeIn’s goal is similar to the one that Snapchat is working towards with its new curated Snap Story feature. The company wants people to be able to look into events and locations using the “eyes” of smartphones all around the world. EyeIn differentiates itself by focusing on search as its core feature. Because the service is relatively new, however, it still doesn’t have as much content as it could potentially have in the future. Most of the photos come from Instagram accounts, and EyeIn could be improved by tapping into more diverse social networks. Still, exploring the site’s “Trending” section as well as finding specific results based on search terms makes it a new, intriguing way to get an up-close view of things going on around the world.


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