Bezar: Curated Designer Pop-Up Shops

Posted on Monday, March 23rd, 2015 by

bezar5Bezar is the marketplace for special, modern design. Reimagined

bezar2Bezar is the new online shopping site created by co-founder Bradford Shellhammer. Like Fab, Bezar is an e-commerce platform with a focus on design. The site’s name is a play on the word ‘bazaar,’ and it incorporates elements of that marketplace-style shopping experience with rapid turnover. Designers sell limited-edition products in curated pop-up shops, which are available anywhere from 24 hours to 3-days. The goal is to have people discover talented new designers during the time that they have available to sell on the site, while keeping the products fresh and interesting enough to keep shoppers coming back.


Designer Pop-Up Shops

bezar3The amount of shops and designers that are featured are limited, and all of them are curated by Bezar’s staff. The products are displayed across four categories: Art, House, Jewelry and Accessories. The products offered range in price, but most are relatively affordable (around the $50 mark). Each popup shop clearly displays the amount of time remaining in the sale, and shoppers can purchase items directly from Bezar until that time limit runs out. Although Bezar only recently launched, Shellhammer’s influence in’s early success has already led tons of great designers to open shop on his new site. The concept is intriguing, as it offers shoppers a chance to find new designers while taking advantage of the opportunity to buy limited edition items directly from them.


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