Air America – Avant-Garde, Unreserved News and Politics

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 by

airamerica Air America – Freedom of speech is a well established Amendment of the Constitution, but we’ve come to learn that certain news corporations tend to use their power to promote their own political agenda in the US. Without mentioning any names, such abuse of exposure and media power by news companies -using the 1st amendment’s rationale- is just downright wrong. So where can we turn to receive more objective, less propaganda-oriented news, or even better, learn of news items that don’t make it to mainstream media? Air America, ladies and gentlemen.

Air America is “the nation’s most recognized progressive talk radio network, providing an independent and unfiltered voice to a grateful listening nation”. In the summer of 2009 (the radio sibling on the Web) relaunched a most treasured website, offering not only a diverse palette of both domestic and international news topics, but also the option of tuning into four live streaming channels. For a progressive take on news and current affairs in the US and beyond, AirAmerica is a sure bet. Here’s an interesting video article to check out, and be sure to explore all the wonders this great site has to offer. And if you’re into keeping it retro, you can always listen to AirAmerica on the radio. Here’s how to find a station in your area.

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