9 GAG – A Stylish Time-Killer

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 by

9gag 9 GAG – 9 GAG is “a one stop deadliest handy micro-blog which collects any funny stuffs you find or create. It is your best time-killer and happy-pill.” This manifesto is hardly news. The Web is inundated with blogs that offer funny pictures, videos and textual content. So how come 9GAG scored the first spot on our Weekly Faves? For us at All My Faves the answer is obvious; excellent content combined with a simple and appealing interface is our bread and butter. Give it a try, I guarantee you will fall in love with 9GAG. For fast navigation make sure you check out their keyboard shortcuts, J, K and L. Below are some of the images I especially enjoyed. By the way, I strongly recommend following their updates via twitter. Have Fun!

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