TVDeck – Internet Television: the Future is Here

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 by

tvdeck TVDeck – My assumption is that one day we will watch TV shows, sport events, movies, music videos etc, exclusively on the Web. When will that happen? I guess that by 2030 or so no one will be subscribed to cable television service providers any more. Back to present day and brand new 2010, there is a certain concrete form of the futuristic forecast I made above, available today. Stop by TVDeck and tune into hours of marvelous content and videos on the net, with the huge added bonus of not having to search for them online. Sure, Hulu offers a similar service, but it focuses only on TV shows and movies…

TVDeck offers “a one-stop destination for the best programming online. It’s like a channel guide on satellite TV, but for online content.” If good quality video content is circulating in the Web somewhere, rest assured, TVDeck has it listed. Intrigued? I recommend starting with the Good Stuff channel or, if you are into sports, try out the NBA and NFL channels.

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