29 Secrets – A Woman’s Wellness Bible

Posted on Monday, March 8th, 2010 by

29secrets 29 Secrets – This wonderful site offers a daily dose of for-women-by-women content, and is targeted at the audience of savvy “in the know” urban women. 29Secrets is, according to their About page, “your go-to guide to everything beauty, relationships, wellness and fashion, as well as top-of-mind celebrity gossip. We want to motivate, inform and make you smile.” And they sure deliver. Browse the site’s various witty and engaging posts, covering topics such as relationships, fashion trends, makeup how-to’s and more.

My favorite 29Secrets posts were Five Minute Makeup and 6 Ways to Eat Less. For more women related sites, I suggest you visit our Blogs page and scroll all the way down to the Women’s faveline. Clicking on the category title will redirect you to our Women’s Mini page, where even more exciting relevant sites await you…

Five Minute Makeup 6 Ways to Eat Less

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