Time.is – Top 10 Webby Clocks

Posted on Monday, March 8th, 2010 by

timeis Time.is – Here at AllMyFaves we have taken up the mission of filtering through and visually displaying the best sites on the Web. As a result, each member of the AMF team spends at least 10 hours online per day. In many of such online sessions I’ve come across various webby clocks, and noticed that I’ve began developing a soft spot for these one-thing-only sites. This post is dedicated to reviewing the best webby clock sites I found during my extensive surfing hours over time. How come I’m a writing a review of different sites in one post instead of dedicating it to just one smashing site? When I stumbled upon Time.is, I decided I’d share with you my favorite related sites. Now I guess is the TIME for my list – here it is:

1. RingClock

Ring Clock

2. TimeBeat


3. Time.is


4. Analogy


5. Time Ticker

Time Ticker

6. Scroll Clock


7. The Heart is Always Ticking

The Heart is Always Ticking

8. Human Clock

Human Clock

9. World Stats Clock

World Stats Clock

10. Online Alarm Clock

Online Alarm Clock

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