CreateTrips: All-In-One Trip Planning App

Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2015 by

createtrips5CreateTrips is a trip-planning app that lets you create and share trips with friends.

Coordinate Your Trip with Your Fellow Travelers

createtrips1CreateTrips is an iOS app that lets you create and share detailed travel itineraries with your friends. The app lets you create travel plans on your own or in a collaborative manner, adding cities to your list along with the dates that you’ll be in that location. From there, you can explore venues and sites in the cities that you plan to visit. Adding them to your guide helps you plan a more well-rounded trip. The social aspect of CreateTrips is what set it apart from other travel planning apps. It’s much easier to coordinate a group trip if everyone has (and can edit) all of the plans in a centralized, shared location.

createtrips2Read or Write TravelBooks

CreateTrips has a few features built in that make the lives of international travelers much easier. For instance, the app lets you download offline maps so that you don’t incur roaming charges while figuring out how to get around in an international city. When you’re finished with your trip, you can publish it as a TravelBook to be enjoyed by other users. createtrips3There’s already a wealth of TravelBooks available on the app, some of which have been created by professional travel bloggers or travel writing companies. Many of these books cost $0.99 to download, but they can help make your travel experience much smoother and more enjoyable. CreateTrips isn’t a necessary addition to any vacation, but it certainly is a useful one.

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