Man Crates: Gift Boxes For Men

Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2015 by

mancrates5Man Crates creates and delivers awesome gifts for men.

Gifts For Men

mancrates3Man Crates puts together bundles of theme-specific gifts, puts them in a crate, and ships them to the recipient of your choice. It’s like buying a gift basket, but everything comes in much more manly packaging. There are definitely no flowers or fruit arrangements in any of the boxes. Not all of the gifts are actually shipped in crates — as the site’s FAQ section clarifies — but the gifts that are shipped in crates are clearly identified before checkout. The contents of each crate vary, but all of them are intended to be given to a man with a particular set of hobbies or interests.


Shipped In Real Crates. Mostly.

mancrates2Man Crate’s “Pit Master Crate” — a $109.99 value — contains barbecue and grilling supplies. There’s a “Personalized Whiskey Crate,” an “NFL Barware Crate” and an “Outdoor Survival Crate.” There are also crates full of beef jerkey, crates containing poker sets, and crates full of retro video games and candy. There are even multiple zombie survival crates. The site has a ton of awesome gift ideas, and the ability to personalize some crates (by engraving names on beer glasses, for instance), means that anyone can create and give something unique. Man Crates offers the perfect opportunity to buy a bundle of cool gifts for a special man in your life (even if that special man in your life is yourself).


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