Pop.co: Free Custom Email and Webpage for Everyone

Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2015 by

popco4Pop.co lets you register a custom domain name and e-mail address in less than 60 seconds with no credit card or technical skills required.

Don’t Wait. Make Your Website A Reality

popco3Pop.co offers a service that seems too good to be true. The site lets you register a .co domain name, a professional e-mail address and a customizable web page without paying anything. Setting all of that up doesn’t even require entering your credit card information. The site was built to remove the barriers between good ideas and execution. Too many great businesses or  blogs are held back by the cost of registering a domain, the time spent making a webpage look good. Pop.co helps you get started right away, establishing all the essentials so you can focus on the details later. Although it might sound like Pop.co is trying to lure customers in with some sort of scam, it really is entirely free to register a domain on the site without providing any financial information.



popco1Build Your Business Now

Pop.co does, of course, offer premium services. Compared to similar services, the site keeps its prices relatively low. For $1/month per e-mail user, you get the ability to add e-mail accounts and access e-mail from anywhere. $2.50/month per user gets you a shared calendar and storage. $5/month per user gets you the full Google Apps suite. This pricing plan is obviously designed for business use, and it’s just as obvious that Pop.co wants people to start their companies with them and keep them there. In that sense, the advantages aren’t as great as using a more expensive service like Squarespace. For people that need help making their great ideas a reality, it’s worth at least taking advantage of the site’s free domain registration.


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