Diversify Tech: A Collection Of Resources For Underrepresented People In Tech

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 by

Diversify Tech sends a weekly collection of scholarships, events, and job opportunities for underrepresented people in tech.

Join A Team Or Diversify Your Own

Efforts to diversify tech have been ongoing since people first started to identify the issue, but the industry remains relatively difficult for certain genders, races, and ethnicities to break into. In order to more fairly represent the global population online, many believe, we need to have a diverse group of individuals contributing to the web. Diversify Tech is an initiative to help move that progress along. The site has resources both for people looking for a job or a way to break into the industry, as well as for founders. The goal is to #ChangeTheRatio, and increase the number of women and people of color in tech positions. The site outlines reasons why founders should do so, and how they can go about reaching their diversity goals.


Diversify Tech also features a job board, which contains information about how many women and people of color are on a particular company’s staff, in most cases. There’s a collection of other useful job-finding sites under the “Job Hunt” section of Diversify Tech, as well as other categories such as “Deals,” “Events,” “Education Scholarships,” “Tech Conference Scholarships,” and more. Diversify Tech also appears to be attempting to build a community of supportive peers, invested in the success of those that utilize its resources. If you’re interested in joining the community and learning how you can get involved in tech (or how and why to diversify your team), consider subscribing for the Diversify Tech newsletter.

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