Back Market: The Refurbished Super Market

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2018 by

Back Market offers refurbished products by certified professionals.

Back Market is one of the most sleekly designed websites featuring refurbished tech products. Even though the site only offers refurbished products—that is, pre-owned items that have been tuned up before being reintroduced back on to the market—it still feels like a legitimate Apple or Samsung store. That’s likely due to the site’s clever copywriting as well as its UI design. Unlike other sites offering comparable products, Back Market seems more trustworthy, as if the products are actually going to work when you get them home. This is also likely due to their comprehensive FAQ section and a dedicated customer service team on staff.

Although most people think of old smart phones when they hear the word “refurbished,” Back Market makes it clear that they offer a wide variety of refurbished items. In addition to smart phones, you can also find TVs, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers on the site. Because all of the items are pre-owned, they tend to be much cheaper than what you’d be able to buy them for at a new retail price. Because they’re refurbished, however, they’re at least a bit more likely to work well. Back Market also has a good warranty plan. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to buying a new tech product, Back Market is worth browsing.

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