Crown: Dating Game

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2018 by

Crown is a dating game competition on your phone.

The Bachelor, On Your Phone

Many novelty apps with a unique twist on the classic swipe left / swipe right have come and gone since Tinder created the technology and laid the groundwork for the new era of online dating. Crown, a new app created by the Match Group, which actually owns Tinder as well as and OKCupid, is different and exciting enough that it may work its way into the mainstream. The app works almost like an episode of The Bachelor: each day, 16 people compete against each other to be your match. Rather than simply swiping left or right on individuals, you decide who you like better in a bracket-style competition that ends with four final “winners.”

Play The Dating Game

The downside of Crown’s approach, of course, is that you may complete your dating game and then still have no one to talk to. The four winners of your competition can choose to talk to you or “pass,” which means that you might not be going on a date with the winner of your daily game just because you crowned them victorious. Still, the app presents a fun, and most importantly, unique, twist on the concept of dating apps. If you’re currently in the dating pool and sick of swiping through the same old apps, consider giving Crown a try.

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