Radio Garden: An Interactive Map of Radio Streams Around the World

Posted on Thursday, January 12th, 2017 by

Radio Gardenradiogardenlogo lets you tune into online radio streams around the world using an interactive map.

Explore the World through Radio

radiogarden3There are so many great radio stations around the world, and almost all of them offer some sort of accompanying online live stream. If you go to a radio station’s website, you can usually stream whatever they’re playing on the air online, for free, at the same time they’re broadcasting. The problem with that is that you have to know which radio stations to visit. Radio Garden makes it easier to discover the live streams of radio stations around the world. The site presents a 3D globe of the world, overlaid with tons of green dots that represent radio stations.


History, Jingles, & Stories, Too

radiogarden5Tuning into a station on Radio Garden is as simple as spinning the globe or clicking on one of the green dots. You can listen to drum n bass from London, talk radio from California, pop music from the Czech Republic, or anything else you can find while exploring the world. Aside from just a good place to find new music, it’s also an unusual yet interesting way to find out about a local culture. You can listen to DJs speak in their native tongues, and hear what sort of music is popular in a particular location somewhere halfway around the world. The site also contains “History” and “Jingles” section, which contain historical broadcasts and radio station jingles. There’s also a “Stories” section. If you love radio, or even if you just kinda like it, you will definitely love Radio Garden.


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