GrubMarket: Farm Fresh Food To Your Door

Posted on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 by

GrubMarketgrubmarket5 bridges the gap between farmers and families, bringing fresh food to people’s doors.

grubmarket1There’s been a noticeable increase in food delivery services over the past few years, with meal services like Blue Apron and Munchery and grocery services like Instacart┬ábecoming hugely popular. GrubMarket offers a similar service to Instacart, but with one key catch: all of the food is delivered fresh, from local farmers. The company has partnered with several farms in locations throughout the United States in order to offer customers fresh produce, eggs & dairy, and meat & seafood. Upon visiting Grubmarket, the site asks you to input your zip code. This helps them provide offerings from local farms, a nice alternative to the big-box stores where you might typically do your grocery shopping.


Try a FarmBox

grubmarket2One of GrubMarket’s flagship products is the FarmBox, which is exactly what it sounds like: a box full of produce, breads, meats, seafood, eggs, or any other type of fresh goodies that you want. There are several different varieties of boxes, depending on your location. You can also shop a la carte, or swap items in or out of your FarmBox. You can then set up a one-time or a regular delivery schedule, and wait for your items to arrive to your door. There’s a wide enough variety of products on GrubMarket that you could do all your grocery shopping through the site, and you can find comfort in the fact that your food was grown fresh by a local farmer.


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