Tomorrow: Plan Your Family’s Future, Today

Posted on Thursday, November 1st, 2018 by

Tomorrow lets you easily create a will online.

Free Will

The majority of people don’t want to think about creating a will. They definitely don’t want to put in the time, money, and effort of hiring a lawyer to draft one for them. Of course, creating a will is, for most people, a necessity. Tomorrow is an online service that assists in the (free!) creation of a legal will that can be downloaded as a PDF. The service works with 52 lawyers spread out across America in order to quickly draft and complete your document. Like Legalzoom before it, Tomorrow is aiming to disrupt the legal industry by simplifying access to relatively common and practical legal services.

Legal Disruption

Although the creation of wills is the focus of Tomorrow, the site also offers additional advice* as to how you should draft your document. It goes over every step of the process, from life insurance, trusts, valuables, and familial connections. There’s a ton of information included on the site, and it’s presented in a visually simple, yet understandable, way. For such a complex and difficult topic, Tomorrow does a great job of educating people about wills and helping them craft their own important documents.

*Of course, the disclaimer at the bottom of the site claims that “Tomorrow is not a law firm nor does it provide legal advice.”

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