Tap: Find Water Anywhere

Posted on Thursday, November 1st, 2018 by

Tap helps you find nearby water refill stations.

Never Buy Plastic Bottles Again

Water is, of course, a necessary resource. In recent years, however, people have grown accustomed to consuming the essential beverage out of plastic bottles. This practice is not only entirely unnecessary, but most likely disastrous for the environment. Tap is a new free resource to help people find free water sources near them. The app shows established locations, such as Shake Shack, that offer free bottle refills or have open tap sources. It also shows other outdoor or indoor locations where you can refill your water bottle without having to pay anything. It’s a great social mission and it’s executed well.

Drink, Refill, Repeat

Although many other countries have open tap sources in their cities, the United States has lagged behind significantly in encouraging citizens to use free water. Americans tend to place little emphasis on tap water, often due to the abundance of cheap, plastic bottles. Tap aims to revolutionize the way we think about water, by showing us how easily accessible free water sources can be. Tap calls their campaign “the #drinkdifferent movement,” and anyone who wants to save time and money while helping the environment should consider downloading the app. If you operate a brand or private location, you can also partner with Tap in order to offer your establishment as an official Refill Station.


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