Street Art Is: Instagram Graffiti

Posted on Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 by

streetartis5Street Art Is is a collection of Instagram photos tagged with/by the world’s best graffiti artists.

Street Art Is….

streetartis1Street Art Is has an open-ended name, and it presents itself in an open-ended way to every visitor. The search bar in the top lefthand corner of the homepage reads: “ … enter a tag.”. Your response to that question determines the list of results that you see, all of which also used the same hashtag on Instagram. The highest results typically consist of images of street art, but depending on what you enter you might see a group of unrelated photographs. Each image gives proper credit to the Instagram account that uploaded it, as well as its associated tags.


All About Tags

streetart2Instagram is all about tagging. So is graffiti. That’s what makes Street Art Is such a great combination. While using the site’s search tool can sometimes return seemingly random results, the homepage is filled with amazing images of street art from around the world. Clicking on an image reveals the associated Instagram tags and account, as well as (occasionally) a map of where the image was taken. This makes the site a great way to discover street art from well-known artists like Space Invader soon after they’re photographed and uploaded to Instagram. That way you can explore the art in your home city, or marvel from your computer at the works being created around the globe.


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