The Lead: A No B.S. Sports Newsletter

Posted on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 by

thelead5The Lead is a sports newsletter that delivers daily updates with news, links and analysis straight to your inbox.

Sports News For The People

thelead1The Lead is one of the few publications that’s actually had the courage to stand up to the giants like ESPN that dominate the sports media industry. The writers at The Lead discuss the same news that you might get while watching SportsCenter, but they do so in a much more realistic, conversational tone. They’re also not afraid to speak their minds, occasionally using foul language or making jokes and pop culture references. That may sound similar to Grantland — but Grantland is, of course, owned by ESPN. The Lead is attempting to carve out its own, new lane. Not all of the writing is amazing, but it does offer a great way to get quick updates on things happening in every major sport.


Skimm The Sports

thelead4The Lead has been rightfully compared to The Skimm, as it offers a condensed version of the news in a fun editorial tone straight to your inbox every morning. In order to sign up for the newsletter, all you have to do is enter your email on the site’s homepage. The newsletter automatically gets directed to your “Promotions” tab on Gmail, but most newsletter subscribers should be accustomed to dragging it to the “Primary” tab by now. After the initial set up is taken care of, it’s great to receive a short yet detailed summary of the things that happened in the sports world during the previous day. This is especially useful for those unable to catch games on a nightly basis, or for those that just can’t get enough analysis. No matter your level of fandom, The Lead is undoubtedly worth a (free) subscription.


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