Resnap: Instant, Personalized Photo Books

Posted on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 by

resnap4Resnap is the quickest way to generate and order a personal photo book.

From Facebook To Photobook In One Minute

resnap5Resnap automatically generates personal photobooks in just one minute. It’s seriously one of the fastest ways to grab the best images from your Facebook or Instagram account, organize them in a presentable layout, and have them sent to your door. You can also upload your own collection of images from your own desktop or hard drive. If you go the Facebook route, Resnap also includes other elements of your social media life like status updates and likes. There are obviously other viable photobook options with more creative control out there, but Resnap is great simply for its quickness and convenience.


Get A Print Copy Or Share A Digital Copy

resnap2Resnap also does let users edit their photobooks prior to having them finalized. Even if you want to be meticulous about what images make the final cut (as you should), it’s definitely useful to have an entire book automatically generated from your Facebook or Instagram account. If you upload from your own hard drive, it’s even more useful to have them instantly laid out in a visually-compelling way. In addition to delivering a print book, Resnap also offers the option to download your creation as a digital file that can even be shared or embedded on social media. With photographs moving increasingly online, it’s nice to own a more permanent collection of your images. Resnap is the easiest way to make that happen.



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