Edjing: DJ From Your Phone

Posted on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 by

edjing5Edjing is an app that lets you DJ tracks from a virtual turntable on your phone.

Better Than Vinyl

edjing4Edjing is a mobile app that allows you to mix tracks from your phone like a DJ. The app gives you access to more than 50 million tracks, syncing with music streaming sites like SoundCloud and Deezer as well as your personal iTunes library. All of the tracks play through a virtual turntable that allows you to scratch, use effects and essentially do everything that a real DJ could do from your phone. To help you find those songs, Edjing uses a “Global Search” feature that looks through all the music libraries and catalogs with one search. That makes it easy to find whatever song you’re looking for in the moment.


Scratch Like A Pro

Edjing has a few other features that make it comparable to a real DJ setup. Scratching works in real time, and it mimics the feeling of actually using vinyl (or as close as is possible on a phone screen).edjing1 You can also loop, change the tempo and preview songs through your headphones before they’re played out loud on the speakers. Edjing also has a social element that lets you share your mixes across social media platforms or email. You can also create your own profile on Edjing’s built-in social network. The app is free to use and fun enough to play around with at its base level, but it does try to charge you for various upgrades. If you want to mix songs from any music library without having to buy expensive DJ equipment, it’s absolutely worth a download.


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