Staance: Agree, Disagree And Discuss

Posted on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 by

staance5Staance is a platform in which users post statements before letting the community react and discuss.

Agree or Disagree?staance1

Staance offers a way for its community of users to discuss any issue. It’s also a way of gauging the way the public feels about important topics in a more honest and realistic way than any polls could report. As Staance themselves say, they’re taking back the conversation from the few and powerful and giving it to the people. The site consists of a simplistic layout on a white page, with a scrollable list of images and text. There are one-sentence, news-like stories, as well as more general statements about current events (like “Riots shouldn’t distract from the real issue of police brutality.”). Beneath each statement are two buttons, reading “Agree” and “Disagree.”


Defend Your Staance

staance3The point of Staance is to engage with each statement by making a choice between those two options. After you click either “Agree” or “Disagree,” the site shows the percentage of people that feel the same way. It then asks you why you made your choice, opening up the dialogue for discussion in a side box. It’s an interesting way to get the people actively involved in conversations that are worth having, as well as a way to see how Staance users feel about certain issues. The topics are split across 12 categories, including “Politics,” “Gaming,” “Music,” and “Religion.” There’s also a “Today” and “Popular” section. Many of the statements also have links to articles with extra background information, so using Staance is a great way to catch up on the news while getting involved in the discussion at the same time.


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