Gimundo – News to Make You Smile, Every Day

Posted on Monday, July 12th, 2010 by

Gimundo – If you’re interested in disconnecting from the violence, stuttering economy and the environmental damage we read about each morning, Gimundo is here to give you a daily dose of good news. According to their About page, Gimundo’s mission is “to bring you the most inspiring news, stories, and videos that we can find.” After exploring their wonderful, beautifully designed website, I can safely say creators Kathryn and Jeff Hawkins certainly keep their promise.

So what kind of content will you find at Gimundo? Kathryn and Jeff have done a great job at offering an array of optimistic, insightful stories for you to discover, including news posts, videos, their take on the ‘best of the web’ and links they liked and wanted to share with their readers. Although most of the videos are taken from other news companies, Gimundo is an absolute must RSS for you reader – you won’t regret it. I especially enjoyed reading about the Tree Life Box and viewing the video of the cutest puppies in America.

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