What To Wear – Glamour Experts in Your Closet

Posted on Monday, July 12th, 2010 by

What To Wear – Not sure what clothes fit your body shape? Interested in some cut-to-the-chase opinion on that blouse and pants you plan to wear this evening? What To Wear is here to answer these important questions and other clothes related issues. Glamour Magazine’s style experts are here to give you a professional hand and to give you tips and suggestions so you could maximize your look with what you have. In addition, users posting questions also receive apparel shopping recommendations worth checking out.

Make the absolute most of What To Wear by exploring their various features such as Events, Locations, Trends, Brands, Daily Picks (facebook and twitter feeds) and my favorite: Stylists you can follow. See the screen shot below of a Glamour stylist’s answer to a young mom who is looking for style suggestions for hiding her post delivery baby fat.

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