MeeGenius Library – Classic Kids Books: Make Them Yours

Posted on Monday, July 12th, 2010 by

MeeGenius – I just love children’s classic books; they’re filled with charm, nostalgia and that fleeting innocence of childhood. Reading bed time stories the old fashioned way is always the best, but using today’s technology is but a natural change to the sweet parent-child bedtime activity. MeeGenius offers bedtime stories of classic kids books with a really cool twist: personalization. Change the characters and locations’ name to any of your choosing and make the old classic a refreshing yet just as effective story before bed.

I took MeeGenius for a test drive, using the customization option for the Jemima Puddle Duck story. See the screen shot below to see my changes. I just love how you can add your personal touch without altering the story’s overall experience. Although customizing certain books costs $, many of the classic books we all know and love are free! So this really is a must stop for parents, grandparents and other family relatives who want to make the well-known classic story a special one. By the Way, if you’re looking for more children’s books resources, check out the Books faveline on our Kids page.

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