Equipboard: Artists And The Gear They Use

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2018 by

Equipboard showcases the musical gear that artists use.

Emulate Your Favorite Artists

Almost every musician has attempted to emulate the artists that they look up to the most. The entire reason I own a Gibson SG, for instance, is because Rivers Cuomo of Weezer plays one. In the old days, you had to catch your favorite musicians live or be fans of artists with iconic instruments in order to find the same gear that they use. Now, Equipboard is here to make that process easier. The site is building a comprehensive database of artists and the gear that they use, either on stage or in the studio. If you’re a fan of Rivers Cuomo, simply search for his name and you can see a list of the other guitars he uses in addition to the SGs, as well as amplifiers, pedals, and other musical tools.

A Database And Community

Equipboard is especially useful for those just starting out in musical performance or creation. If you’re interested in making beats, for instance, you can peruse the profiles of your favorite producers and pick the gear that you want to add to your own collection. You can also follow your favorite artists to get gear updates, or contribute to their pages if you have additional information about them that’s not currently on the site. The concept behind Equipboard is incredibly simple, but it’s also extremely useful. It’s not the most well-designed site, but they’re building a strong community and should help those interested in all aspects of music production get better at their craft through that age-old task of emulation.

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