Slice: Find Pizza Near You

Posted on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018 by

Slice lets you order delivery from local pizzerias.

When All You Want Is Pizza…

There are numerous online food delivery startups. Many of them have advanced filtering techniques that help you find the exact food you’re looking for. Oftentimes, however, what you’re looking for is pizza. Slice is an app that lets you find the best food around you, presuming you agree that pizza is usually the best option ever. For pizza lovers, Slice offers a way to connect with local pizzerias that might otherwise be buried in a traditional food ordering app. Every great town should have multiple pizzerias—each offering their own unique spin on the dish—for you to discover. If your town is too small for that to be true, I feel sorry for you.

…And Pizza Is All You Need

After typing in your address on Slice, the app returns a list of the closest pizzerias to you. It also outlines the minimum cost of an order, the delivery fee, the estimated delivery time, and any online promotional codes. It displays the pizzerias closest to your actual location first, as well as all the other restaurants within delivery range. You can view each restaurant’s menu and complete your purchase without leaving the app. The company appears to be branding itself as supporters of local business, encouraging restaurant owners to grow their business through the platform. On the consumer side, Slice offers a great way to discover the best pizza around.

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