56 Sage Street – Learn About Earning and Saving Money, the Fun Way

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010 by

56 Sage Street – Brought to us by Barclays, this super fun game will teach you how to earn money the right way, avoid scams and fraud, and save up. Play this mission-based game and help your character earn money and rewards within a givin time period. During that time, you will have to work, find a place to stay for the night and eat so you’ll have the strength to work again… The superbly executed game, 56 Sage Street is an innovative way to teach us all on how to live within budget, and how to save up for what’s important.

See if you manage to score all 50 rewards and show your Facebook friends how well you did on the game (sign in with Facebook Connect). And most importantly, enjoy!

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