Streaks Workout: The Personal Trainer You Actually Want To Use

Posted on Monday, September 18th, 2017 by

Streaks Workout is an app that inspires you to workout every day.

A Digital Personal Trainer

The hardest part about working out, if you’re not a fitness obsessive, is getting in a good routine. If you exercise at the same time every day and it fits into your schedule and makes you feel good, there’s a good chance you’ll keep working out at that time. If you need a little extra motivation, there’s Streaks Workout. The app aims to be a digital personal trainer, getting people in the routine of working out doing the routines that they want to do. You can download the app for iOS or Apple TV. The first step, then, of course, is using it.

Work Out Every Day

The best part about Streaks Workout is that the exercise routines it has on the app are designed to be done anywhere, without any equipment. The goal is just to do a workout every day, no matter where you are or how much time you have. You can tweak the specifics within the app. The app has a clean design, making the exercise instructions easy to follow. The app also displays data after each workout, showing how long you spent on each activity. Viewing statistics is helpful as you form your own routine and begin to work towards tangible exercise goals with Streaks Workout.

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