Crello: Graphic Design Made Easy

Posted on Monday, September 18th, 2017 by

Crello is a free online graphic design tool.

Anyone can be a Designer

Graphic design, like web design, has become increasingly accessible to an unskilled audience. Free online tools like Crello, and similar site Canva, won’t replace talent and education in Photoshop or other professional applications. But they do offer an easy way for anyone to quickly and easily create designs that they can use to promote their businesses, themselves, or whatever else they want to do. Crello is incredibly quick to use and intuitive to understand. The site walks you through your design process, tailoring the experience based on what you want to design (a Facebook post, social media, card, invitation, etc.).

Free and Easy to Use

After you select your format, Crello lets you choose your design. There are thousands of images, designs, or color-schemed templates that you can pick from. You can search by category and type. Then, you can use Crello’s tools to customize your design, adding graphics and text elements. You can also upload your own images to add to the customized finished product. When you’re done, you’re free to download the image and use it however you like. You’re probably not going to make the most incredible images of all time by using Crello, but you’ll definitely make something high-quality much faster than you’d be able to do it yourself.

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