Celebcalls: Personalized Phone Calls And Voicemails Recorded By Celebrities

Posted on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 by

celebcalls1Celebcalls lets you send personalized phone calls from celebrities to your friends and family.

Send Your Friends or Family a Greeting from their Favorite Celebrity

Celebcalls is the best way to trick or convince your family that their favorite celebrity is contacting them with a personalized phone message. The site has partnered with several celebrities to record audio samples of different types of greetings and messages.celebcalls5 Each of these calls can be personalized and sent to any phone number instantly (or scheduled for a particular time and date). You can have Justin Bieber wish someone a Happy Birthday, Mike Tyson send a threatening message to your enemies, or Reggie Bush give his best football advice. The site claims that all of the celebrity voices are real and recorded in their studio, and that they don’t work with celebrity impersonators. Even if that’s not true, the voices do sound exactly like the celebrities they’re supposed to be.


Set Up a New Voicemail that’ll Surprise Anyone That Calls You

In addition to sending personalized phone calls, you can also set up a new voicemail recording through Celebcalls. celebcalls2All of the celebrities have recorded general voicemails, and many of them have multiple options to choose from. Each of the voicemails and phone calls are fully customizable — you can choose from a list of common names to make it seem as if celebrities like Dr. Phil are speaking directly about you or to your friends and family. If the name you want to use isn’t listed, you can have them address people in general terms like “dude” or “beautiful.” All of the calls and voicemails cost $0.99, an affordable price to pay for a great gag gift or a unique way to say you’re thinking of someone on a special occasion.


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