Illusion: Amazing Creations In Art, Design and Film

Posted on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 by

illusion1Illusion is Scene 360’s website dedicated to featuring amazing creations in art, design and film.

An Art Blog with an Amazing Design

Illusion is one of the web’s most well-designed blogs. It’s homepage features surreal moving images, fitting with its tagline of “Amazing Creations In Motion.” illusion2The articles it features also place an added emphasis on design. Each displays a large, high quality photograph at the top of the screen, with several more images scattered throughout. The articles also contain strong editorial content, with a mix of lists, interviews, analysis and other profiles. That content is wide-ranging, as the site has an unusual mix of categories. “Tattoo” and “Cinema” are both major sections, and there are subcategories focused entirely on topics like sculpture, typography and hyperrealism.


A Great Blend of Text and Images in Every Article

Even articles with the most basic, viral/catchy headlines like “10 Movies You Should Watch in 2015” are not hastily thrown together on Illusion.illusion4 There’s obvious effort put into every article, and the site’s editorial staff has made a near-perfect template that combines text with quality images. It’s no wonder that Illusion is the recipient of several web and design awards. Because of the wide-range of content and the enormous pictures, it can be easy to get distracted or lost while browsing Illusion. That’s not a bad thing when you’re able to view incredible photos of art installations like “Stunning Interior Illusions By Peter Kogler.” Illusion is a great blog to frequent for all fans of high quality art and design.


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