ShopWell – Informed Shoppers Buy Healthier Food

Posted on Monday, January 10th, 2011 by

ShopWell – ShopWell “is a free food information site that scores products on how well they meet your unique needs.” Get a personalized list of food product recommendation, based on your health state (lactose intolerance, athletic training, osteoporosis, high cholesterol and many others) while fully understanding food products’ nutritional info. Once you’ve signed up you can set your personal parameters (including age, weight , sex and age and the health state driving your nutrition, stated above).

Next, you can check ingredients you wish to include in your diet such as folic acid, saturated fat, whole grain, and ingredients you don’t want (such as corn syrup, added sugar, preservatives, etc.), and even state any allergies you may have so ShopWell will know what to avoid. See the image below.

The end result of ShopWell is a customized list of recommended products, each with a nutritional value score from 0-100, based on its suitability to your set of parameters. Getting your profile ready for smarter shopping in the supermarket is easy; ShopWell’s interface is appealing and user-friendly, and it’s free! (a free iPhone app is available). Why not make use of this healthy tool?

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