– Creating Music Videos for Top Artists

Posted on Monday, January 10th, 2011 by – Feel like making the music video of your favorite artist? Now you can with a site that picks the songs from artists around the world and then leaves it up to you to make your own music videos for them to express what the songs represent for you. This innovative and creative idea brings together grade A artists (including Royskopp, Moby, David Lynch, Alicia Keys) with video creators to make the best music videos ever. Winning videos score fame and great prizes, so if you know your way around the creative video world, is the place for you. To get an idea of the artists listed here who are waiting for cool videos see the screen shot below.

To see an example of in action, see this video by thespecialbobo , a finalist for Alicia Keys’ Wait Till You See My Smile song (apologies for not embedding the video, the code failed to work).

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