Fashism – An Honest ‘How Do I Look?’ Response

Posted on Monday, January 10th, 2011 by

Fashism – Ladies, we’ve all been there before. We put on a new dress, pants or top. We turn to our girlfriend or boyfriend/husband, asking “how do I look?” If a far too considerate, sugar-coated answer is what you’re getting instead of an honest response, Fashism is your solution. Founded by fashion columnist Brooke Moreland, and cleverly marketed by Ashley Granata, Fashism is here to give you a sincere feedback on your look or newly purchased apparel item.

Simply upload an image (you can do so via iPhone as well), and let the community have its say through ratings and comments. Although signing up to Fashism is extremely rewarding, you do not necessarily have to be a registered user to upload pics and get feedback on your look. Having an account though can earn you points which can bring you discounts and special offers, so why not register? Here are a couple of great looks I found here on Fashism.

Photo by Lerush

Photo by Armywife502

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