Thistle: Eat Plants. Feel Results.

Posted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 by

thistle1Thistle delivers plant-based meals to your door.

Not Just Another Food Site

thistle4Sites like Blue Apron and Instacart launched a trend of online food delivery companies that only appears to be expanding. There are numerous Blue Apron copycat companies on the web, catering to all types of specific diets. Despite the ubiquitousness of these companies, I’ve never really been compelled to subscribe. It just seems to expensive to pay for something like Blue Apron, especially when there are plenty of free recipe websites out there and a grocery store around the corner from me. Thistle is the one service that’s made me truly consider taking the plunge. I tried some samples of their food, and it was pretty delicious.


Thistle, Baby!

thistle2Thistle sends entirely plant-based meals to your door, in one of a few different meal plans. The meals typically include drinks like cold-pressed juice or coffee with almond milk. The emphasis on quality ingredients is noticeable, and the food tastes fresher than you might expect for something that’s showing up in a package at your door. The newest Thistle feature is Thistle Baby, which offers a weekly delivery of baby food. The company sends pre-portioned ingredients, which just need to be put into the blender for a few seconds before being served. This could be incredibly useful for health-conscious, busy new mothers. For everyone else, there’s a wide enough variety of meal plans that you can tailor your Thistle service to your meal needs.


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