Hater: Meet Someone Who Hates the Same Stuff

Posted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 by

Haterhater1 is a dating app that helps you meet people who hate the same stuff.

Hater Daters

hater2There are more dating apps out there than any person could possibly use. Tinder is constantly coming out with new updates, other apps are pivoting, failing, or evolving, and it’s hard to keep up with the best app to use at any given moment. If you hate dating — or hate anything at all, really — you should try Hater. The app has a unique approach to the online dating world, promising to connect people based on their mutual hate of something. What better way to connect with the potential love of your life then by agreeing about what you absolutely can’t stand?


What Do You Hate?

hater4Hater connects people based on what they select as the things that they truly hate — like “Trump,” “Paying Extra for Guacamole,” “Slow Walkers,” and a myriad of other options. There are even icebreaker games when you match with someone, which are intended to facilitate conversation rather than the awkward opening lines that abound on Tinder. Hater, which was started by former Goldman Sachs employee Brendan Alper, is a bit gimmicky. It’s unlikely to last long in the competitive world of online dating apps, but for now, while it’s fresh and people are using it, you could find a great relationship. That’s worth something. Or not, if you’re a hater.

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