JustWatch: The Streaming Search Engine

Posted on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 by

JustWatchjustwatch1 helps you find where to watch movies and TV shows online.

Don’t Believe Me, JustWatch

justwatch4The paradox of cable cutting is that there are too many streaming services. If you paid for all of them, your monthly bill would be way higher than even the biggest cable package. The upside to watching video content online, of course, is that there is much more freedom and plenty of free options. JustWatch makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. The site calls itself a “streaming search engine,” which basically means that you can use it to find where movies and shows you want to watch are streaming or available for purchase. It aims to take away the time-consuming effort of sifting through each of the services you subscribe to just to find something interesting.


Search and Discover on Every Platform

justwatch3While JustWatch is great for searching for films or shows that you already know you want to watch, it also has a fairly strong recommendation engine. Titles appear on the home screen, and you can filter based on genre, release year, price, streaming service, and a few other factors. Clicking on a title brings up a preview of what the movie or show is about, as well as some links to where you can watch it online (via one of your subscriptions, a free stream, or to purchase on iTunes or another platform). JustWatch fills a needed gap for search and recommendation that many services lack, combining them all into the same website.


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