TripSavvy: Vacation Like A Pro

Posted on Tuesday, August 14th, 2018 by

TripSavvy is a travel site written by real experts.

Real Articles For Real Travelers

TripSavvy has the simple goal of wanting to make its readership savvier travelers. Of course, they likely have the additional goal of selling ads or somehow making money by finding a travel blog, but no matter their true intentions, they’re doing a great job of the goal they claim to be attempting to reach. The TripSavvy site has an incredible range of high quality content, with information on travel destinations around the globe. That content is split into three main categories: “Destinations,” “Trip Planning,” and “Inspiration.” Whether you don’t yet know where you’re going, want more info about what to do when you get there, or just want travel inspiration, there’s something useful to read on the site.

Search For What You Want To Know

TripSavvy differs from other editorial sites by including a search component, prominently featured on the home page. Visitors to the site are asked the question: “Where do you want to go?”, along with some suggested search terms. You can type in a location, event, or other key word, and TripSavvy includes all of the articles related to that topic. It’s a smart way to organize the site, especially because most travel blogs can be overwhelming or contain a bunch of information that’s not pertinent to what ever trip you’re planning. If you’ve already got an idea for what you’re looking for in mind, or even if not, TripSavvy is the best place to research for your upcoming travel.

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