The Outline: A New Kind of Publication

Posted on Saturday, December 24th, 2016 by

The Outlinetheoutline3 is a new publication that aims to push the boundaries of online media.

A New Type of Design for the Media

theoutline4Platforms like Medium are great, because they allow for the democratization of publishing. Anyone can post anything, and it looks pretty good. Sites like Squarespace accomplish a similar thing. The problem, though, is that all the sites using these platforms start to look the same. There’s already been a pushback to the recent conformity of web design, with designers attempting more unique approaches to the way content is displayed on the web. The Outline aims to disrupt the stagnant design of the media by using unusual colors, unexpected scrolling techniques, and new ways of presenting stories. The design is definitely the most noticeably different aspect of the site, but it helps that the content is interesting, too.theoutline2


New Types of Content, Too

theoutline5The Outline was founded by Joshua Topolsky, a former editor of The Verge. Like The Verge, The Outline covers a diverse range of topics (although The Verge is definitely more focused on science and tech). There are stories covering politics, music, and life in general, amidst a host of other topics. There’s also random greatness on the site, such as the article featuring a 90 minute video recut of Westworld, told in chronological order. The publication has also partnered with a trio of brands — Cadillac, Method, and Under Armour – so it’s not completely devoid of ads or bias. The Outline is definitely thinking outside the box and attempting to do something new in media. Hopefully it will hold up (aside from just its weird design) and continue to evolve.


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